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Marie just celebrated the transition to working full time on WISE Cities, a startup she founded after feeling the pain of seeing her grandfather socially isolated and disconnected from the community. She had wished for a way to help him find places to meet others and stay aware of programs he could participate in, but found no solution to learn about what was available nearby. Looking at the numbers, she learned of 36 million older adults in the US who lacked a local network of support. WISE Cities had to happen.

The Fairfax City Economic Development Office was the first to believe in the impact the company could have after seeing their first ever pitch at the Smart City Challenge 2021, and offered WISE Cities the funds to get started. Three years down the line, WISE Cities is well known in the aging space as a forward-thinking innovation changing how our communities support as we age.

The startup has been recognized from local to international stages, with multiple 1st place wins and social impact awards. Marie was recently selected as one of nine entrepreneurs in the DC Inno Under 25 list. In a recent speech, Governor Moore highlighted WISE Cities: “It is literally changing lives as we speak.”

WISE Cities offers a free platform connecting older adults with local services and opportunities. To make it as accessible as possible, it was designed with many iterations of input from older adults with different levels of tech experience and physical challenges.

Businesses use it as their foremost marketing tool for older adults, signing up to share information about their offerings. An ecosystem of senior-supporting organizations is flourishing on their platform: at-home physical therapy businesses, retirement planning advisors, lifelong learning institutes, and many more. And the team has enabled local businesses to run their first branded “WISE Spaces” events welcoming older adults, creating community change on the ground.

As more national attention starts to be focused on the issue of connecting older adults to resources supporting aging in place, the team hopes to continue developing larger scale government partnerships.

WISE Cities has been chosen to participate in some of the most competitive startup programs, including NASDAQ Milestone Makers and Tampa Bay Wave, both of which pick only about a dozen startups from around the world. WISE Cities’ diverse 15-person team is backed by an expert advisory board, and recently welcomed a CTO with 20+ years of technical and startup experience.

The team is honored to continue to collaborate with the City of Fairfax EDO on their local pilot, and extend thanks to their wonderful Mason SBDC Counselor Bernard Ferret for his feedback on their pitch and launch strategy.

So, the real question:

Does your business offer a service that could improve the quality of life for older adults like Marie’s grandfather? And if not, it’s your opportunity to create one. Reach the team at contact@wisecities.us to learn more and brainstorm together about how you can support this growing population.

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Marie Brodsky, CEO, Wise Cities, LLC

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