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Virginia Montessori Academy offers educational programs for toddler and primary age groups (ages 16 months to 6 years old). The Montessori approach gives children the freedom to learn in a nurturing environment that is carefully prepared so that each child can reach his/her full potential. Independence is encouraged and supported by providing age-appropriate materials and child sized furniture. Offering a carefully prepared environment to ensure children have all the tools needed for success.

We want to share the love and confidence we have in Dr. Montessori’s methods. We believe that with providing the proper foundation, children can grow into positive, independent members of the community.

Virginia Montessori Academy aims to provide an authentic Montessori experience, inspiring the growth of the whole child by providing a safe, secure, and loving environment. Our Program allows for individualized education that builds a love of learning and promotes independence that prepares the child for success in their adult lives. We consider the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of the whole child by following the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Hatsumi started her home-based Montessori family day home, Montessori Children’s House of Lucketts in 2016. After only a few years she was starting to outgrow her home based location. She started looking for commercial locations for several years with no luck. In May of 2020, a colleague highly recommended that she work with Bernard Ferret with the Mason SBDC team. Bernard was able to provide excellent advice and support finding suitable locations. Bernard also assisted with many other aspects such as budget planning, cost identification, and financing to ensure the necessary funds were available in order to be successful. Bernard’s help with the opening of Virginia Montessori Academy was fundamental. Without Bernard’s assistance, we would not have been as well prepared for success. We appreciate all the time and effort the Mason SBDC team offers, and their roles are very important to the success of local businesses. Thank you all for providing the service you do.

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Hatsumi Mann
Owner/Lead Guide​

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