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Meet The Team

Meet our counselors, experts, and members of the Operations team. We love what we do for the small business world, and who we do it with.


Timm Johnson Headshot

Timm Johnson


Aung Headshot

Aung Shepelev

Assistant Director

Senior Business Counselors

Mason SBDC Gary Alfano Headshot

Gary Alfano

Senior Business Counselor


Cely Argueta

Senior Business Counselor

Elis Devlin Headshot 2

Elis Devlin

Senior Business Counselor

Bernard Ferret Headshot

Bernard Ferret

Senior Business Counselor

Mark Julian Headshot

Mark Julian

Senior Business Counselor

Terry Saeger Headshot

Terry Saeger

Senior Business Counselor

Demetrios Headshot

Demetrios Sapounas

Senior Business Counselor

George Siragusa Headshot

George Siragusa

Senior Business Counselor

Subject Matter Experts

Mason SBDC Namrata Maguire Headshot

Namrata Maguire

Accounting & Finance Expert

Mason SBDC Subodh Nayar Headshot Smaller

Subodh Nayar

Sales, Marketing and Product Development

Mason SBDC Hussain Shah Headshot

Hussain Shah

Digital Marketing Expert

Coordination Team

Stephen Headshot

Stephen Abernathy

Event & Project Coordinator

Mason SBDC Aadith Charugundla Headshot

Aadith Charugundla

Technical Project Coordinator

Sara Linus Headshot

Sara Linus

Client Service Coordinator

Sindhu Matthew Headshot

Sindhu Mathew

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Sindhu Viju Headshot

Sindhu Viju

Client Service Coordinator

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