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The mission of Method Fitness is simple. It is to raise the standard in the fitness industry by providing a space where clients can feel they are being thoughtfully guided and instructed through their training by utilizing science-backed methodologies and protocols.

Now many gyms and personal training facilities have similar mission statements, just as so many businesses across all industries have comparable goals. The difference all comes down to the execution of what’s actually happening on a consistent basis. That’s where Mark Julian from Mason SBDC has been fundamentally invaluable.

On paper our business model is simple. We are a Private Personal Training Studio that focuses solely on 1-on-1 personal training. We are, however, looking to bring on a Dietitian to add to our value and offering to clients since it has been in demand. That aside, our goal is to continue to get better and better at our core service offering which is our personal training.

We train a variety of clientele, ranging in all demographics and ability levels, as well as some young athletes and referrals from Physical Therapists in the area. We typically attract the type of client who is looking to make a long-term change to how they approach their physical well-being, without much regard to short-term metrics (which is why you’ll never see before-and-after photos on our site). Our training philosophy is that there is room for all modalities, including corrective exercise, bodybuilding, physical therapy, athletic performance, powerlifting, etc. but it is our job to identify what each client will best respond and adapt to.

Aryan began meeting with Mark Julian in July of 2020 and although our focus has shifted as the business has evolved, what’s been consistent is Mark’s instrumental role in Method Fitness’ development.

It goes beyond understanding the need for a business plan, breaking down a P&L statement, or marketing ideas. Discussions surrounding mentality/mindset, how to lead and instruct a team, and introducing new ways of thinking and approaching situations, have been what’s allowed us to really hone-in on continued improvement.

Behind the simple business model are layers of thought and insight that we have broken down with Mark. Together, we have looked at ways of instilling and improving processes, so that the business can begin to run more smoothly and scale. We have discussed how to get the most out of each member of the team, so that they can not only learn, but enjoy the work they do and the life they live.

Enough can’t be said about how much we value our time with Mark and just want to say thank you for the past two years and more to come.

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