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On Friday 10/30 at 8:30AM we will present on how to work with your fellow retailers to promote events that drive customers to your store. To learn more and register, visit

On Thursday 11/5 at 2:30PM we are hosting a workshop whose focus will be on how to host virtual F&B events for  producers, e.g., breweries, wineries, distilleries, cideries, chocolatiers, coffee roasters. To learn more and register, visit

On Monday 11/9, 9:00AM our focus will be virtual F&B events for retailers, e.g., bars, restaurants, coffee shops, wine stores. To learn more and register, visit

Finally, if you have not already considered applying for state assistance to help in your recovery, we encourage you to apply for a Rebuild VA grant at


For more information on helpful grants, please visit our Grants and Loans page. 

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