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Hiring Reliable Workers for Hard to Fill Positions – using Immigration Law – *Webinar (Live)*

Hiring Reliable Workers for Hard to Fill Positions – using Immigration Law – *Webinar (Live)*

Join Mason SBDC and Thomas Williams, Immigration Attorney, for this webinar addressing hiring, scheduling, HR & sponsorship topics.

Thomas Williams, Immigration Attorney, will explore options for using foreign students and workers to fill your open positions. This is for companies experiencing high turnover; those with difficult scheduling problems, such as during evenings, weekends and holidays.

Who should attend?

Business Owners, HR Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Topics Covered:

 - Purpose of the law: to benefit American companies that need workers for positions they have difficulty filling.  
 - What companies have to offer prospective Employees  
 - Description of jobs that apply
 - What DACA and other international students and workers have to offer companies
 - Outline of the law, including: 
       a. What companies need to show in order to qualify for sponsorship?
       b. What are the steps involved in the entire immigration sponsorship process?
       c. How long will the process take? 
       d. When can workers begin employment?
 - How long must the person continue working in the offered position?
 - Who pays for the attorney; who pays the other costs?


Thomas A. Williams (Guest Speaker) at the Law Offices of Thomas Williams has practiced U.S. Immigration and Naturalization law for over 30 years. He has been practicing law and has been a member of the Virginia Bar since 1980. Mr. Williams has given instructional presentations about U.S. Immigration Laws & Regulations to graduate students, undergraduate students and faculty at such highly respected institutions as Harvard, M.I.T., Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, USC, Johns Hopkins, Medical College of Virginia (now, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine), Duke University, Brown, Hofstra, University of Maryland, University of Virginia, Ohio State, George Washington University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, University of West Virginia, George Mason University, University of Arizona, Old Dominion University and others.

Timm Johnson – Director, Mason SBDC

Cancellation Policy: Please inform us of cancellations earlier than, or by 1 business day prior to the event. You may email – (preferred) or call 703-261-4105 to contact the team.

Special Instruction: This live webinar will be presented via Zoom. Webinar access details (Zoom invitation) will be provided after registration.


Mar 03 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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