Client Stories

Marie Brodsky Image

Marie just celebrated the transition to working full time on WISE Cities, a startup she founded after feeling the pain of seeing her grandfather socially isolated and disconnected from the community. She had wished for a way to help him find places to meet others and stay aware of programs he could participate in, but found no solution to learn about what was available nearby. Looking at the numbers, she learned of 36 million older adults in the US who lacked a local network of support. WISE Cities had to happen.

Website: WISE Cities

A Paldao Tri Ed Tutoring Headshot

Tri-Ed Tutoring specializes in private one-to-one and small group tutoring for all academic subjects and SAT/ACT Prep. Although Tri-Ed works with a wide range of students from Kindergarten through college, the majority of their students are collegebound high schoolers.

Website: Tri-Ed Tutoring

Like thousands of others, HR Allies founder Danielle Verderosa spent the first six months of the COVID pandemic contemplating if this was the right time for her to do something new with her career. And when the hospitality company she worked for was ultimately forced to lay off more than 60% of its nationwide workforce that year, she knew it was time to leave.

Method Fitness Image

The mission of Method Fitness is simple. It is to raise the standard in the fitness industry by providing a space where clients can feel they are being thoughtfully guided and instructed through their training by utilizing science-backed methodologies and protocols. Read more.

Akiak Technology Image

When Kevin and Sharon Hamer went to visit family in Akiak, Alaska, in 2018, they hadn’t planned to come back with a business. With the launch of Akiak Technology, LLC two years later, they had both a business and a plan. Read more.

Virginia Montessori Academy Image

Virginia Montessori Academy offers educational programs for toddler and primary age groups (ages 16 months to 6 years old). The Montessori approach gives children the freedom to learn in a nurturing environment that is carefully prepared so that each child can reach his/her full potential. Independence is encouraged and supported by providing age-appropriate materials and child sized furniture. Offering a carefully prepared environment to ensure children have all the tools needed for success. Read more.

Grooming with Grace Client Story Image

We thought we had everything it takes: skills, education, a great name, funding sources and real enthusiasm. What were we missing? The know-how. We were getting closer to realizing our dream of a mobile pet grooming business but didn’t know what to do next. We felt we were floundering in a sea of opinions, unreliable advice, and paperwork.

The breakthrough we needed to start our small business, Grooming with Grace, was meeting Bernard Ferret of the George Mason University Small Business Development Center. After envisioning and planning for almost three years, we had our business up and running in less than 6 months after consulting with GMU SBDC. Read more.

Website: Grooming With Grace

Matthew's Center Client Story Image

Matthew’s Center is a non-profit, education-based organization focusing on communication & social skill instruction for autistic students. The Center believes autism affects the entire family and offers programming to provide maximum support to the family as a whole. Read more.

Website: Matthew’s Center

Amy Peltier Interior Design & Home Client Story Image

Amy Peltier Interior Design & Home offers family-friendly residential interiors with a unique design perspective. They assist clients with a variety of projects, ranging from furnishings to entire remodels, additions, and new construction. With almost 20 years of interior design experience and offices located on both the East and West Coast, Peltier Interiors is comfortable, and family focused while still displaying style and refinement. Known for her preppy style infused with a dose of California casual, Amy Peltier procures interiors that are a little classic, a little modern and always fresh. Read more.

Website: Peltier Interiors

Cheshil Consultants Logo

CCI is a small, minority business located in Springfield, VA. The company was started almost 40 years ago by our founder and president, Chetan Bhimani (but you can call him Chet!) Chet brings to the table countless years of experience in the IT industry and his expertise has transformed the company into a Custom Web-Based Database Development and Staffing business. Read more.

Website: Cheshil Consultants

Intergalactic Education Client Story Image

Intergalactic Education is a software company that teaches kids about science, math, and the future. We have a strong focus on getting more young girls and disadvantaged minorities interested in engineering and technology. Our team has developed over a dozen educational computer games that motivate students through the use of incentives and competition. Students compete across schools for high scores while new game content unlocks upon completion of the different educational modules. Read more.

Website: Intergalactic Education

Board & Brush Client Story Image

From the outside, it looks like a charming shop with an artsy feel. Once inside, there’s no mistaking this is a place for creativity to blossom, DIY confidence to take hold, and memories to be made. The Fairfax, Va., Board & Brush Creative Studio, located at 11215 Lee Highway, is celebrating its 2 nd anniversary in business, complete with a birthday celebration on Saturday, January 22nd from 6-9 pm. Read more.

Website: Board & Brush

Proctor 360 Client Story Image

Over the past year, a local entrepreneur, working with the Mason Small Business Development Center team, has been focused on bringing a new approach to the “EdTech” sector. Mr. Ganga Bathula is the CEO and Co-Founder of a Fairfax, Virginia based early stage startup called Proctor360 . This innovative company plans to bring highly secure testing and professional certification proctoring directly to consumers. From the outset, Mr. Bathula and his team sought resources and help from the Mason SBDC and its Director and Senior Business Adviser, Timm Johnson and George Siragusa respectively. Using Lean Startup Principles, both Timm and George began providing advice and guidance regarding a strategic plan that would take Proctor360 from concept to commercialization. Read more.

Website: Proctor 360

Crossroads Tabletop Tavern Client Story Image

With over 1400 board games and an ever-growing number of patrons, Crossroads Tabletop Tavern was Mason SBDC’s featured client for National Small Business Week 2019. The owner of this “Boardgame Tavern, ” John Hornberger, wants people to have a place to play their favorite games and have a great time. John grew up enjoying board games and card games with family and friends and is admirably bringing back the great experience of an old-fashioned game night in the age of digital distraction. It is a refreshing call to “Step away from the screen,” that the customers are happily answering. Over the years John’s love of collecting games (antique and current) and hosting game nights has carried his business concept effortlessly. Read more.

Website: Crossroads Tabletop Tavern

Captive Audience Client Story Image

Captive Audience is 365 days of tips and lessons in situational awareness, personal protection, travel security, and critical thinking. It teaches you how to think like an operative and arm yourself with the tools to meet and conquer any situation. 365 Days of Survival is a collection of 365 tips and lessons in critical thinking, decision making, human psychology, wilderness survival, urban survival, natural and man-made disaster survival, situational awareness, social engineering, crisis planning and response, and many more tools designed to make you into a force multiplier. Read more.

Website: Captive Audience Prevention

Cupcake Novelties Client Story Image

Cupcake Novelties is a custom desserts boutique located in Fairfax, Virginia, with offerings ranging from delicious Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Cupcakes in Jars and Cupcake Bouquets to custom Chocolate dipped desserts including Chocolate covered Oreos, Rice Krispie treats, Pretzels, Marshmallows and exclusive Gold dipped Rock candy! Read more.

Website: Cupcake Novelties

Located in Manassas, Virginia, Creative Beauty Academy(CBA) is making waves in shaping the next generation of talented artists who are versatile in pursuing a career in Esthetics, Makeup, and Special Effects.

Founded and operated by licensed television & special effects Makeup Artist, Paciencia DaCosta, the academy offers continued education with professional certified programs and specialized courses.

Website: Creative Beauty Academy