Captive Audience Prevention

Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team was established in 2017 by retired US Army Special Forces soldier, Billy Jensen , to combat the world’s growing problem with kidnapping for ransom, human trafficking, organ trafficking, and modern slavery.

On a hike along the Appalachian Trail in the winter of that year, the question was posed to Billy by a friend, a colleague, “Would you do something epic with me?” Billy’s response? “I have been waiting my entire life for someone to ask me that question.” And so, Captive Audience was born.

Captive Audience is 365 days of tips and lessons in situational awareness, personal protection, travel security, and critical thinking. It teaches you how to think like an operative and arm yourself with the tools to meet and conquer any situation. 365 Days of Survival is a collection of 365 tips and lessons in critical thinking, decision making, human psychology, wilderness survival, urban survival, natural and man-made disaster survival, situational awareness, social engineering, crisis planning and response, and many more tools designed to make you into a force multiplier.

Captive Audience has a team of crisis responders who specialize in investigations, crisis (hostage) negotiations, and intelligence gathering for facilitating the return of captives and prosecuting criminal networks.

They also have a mental health team in place to provide psychological stabilization to the returnee and help with repatriation into their life and home.

Based in Reston, Virginia, Captive Audience has formed a growing network of partnerships around the world and our current mission is to make their services available globally.

Captive Audience reached out to the Mason SBDC in September of 2018 for counseling and business development advice. Mason SBDC’s Director and counselor Mr. Timm Johnson has been an invaluable resource and mentor in Captive Audiences business development. Timm has provided mentoring on financing options, marketing options, becoming a Service Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business, and a wide range of other topics. Captive Audience published their first book 360 Days of Survival on the 24th of December, 2018 and is making some giant strides towards profitability and growth thanks to the Mason SBDC.

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Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team

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