Appointment & Cancellation Policy

Our Appointment & Cancellation Policies

Please see our updated appointment and cancellation policies before scheduling an appointment with a counselor

Appointment Policy

Clients may schedule up to 2 pending appointments, limiting to (1 appointment/week). with a Mason SBDC counselor. Please note that your counselor must recommend any additional appointments.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation policy: Please be advised that a 24-hour* notice is required to cancel an upcoming appointment.*Notification has to occur during regular business hours: Mon- Fri, 9 AM – 5 PM (Not weekends)

Failure to do so inconveniences counselors and the program’s clients who are on the waiting list for an appointment.

You are considered a no-show if you miss your appointment without notifying the team or counselor.

  1. A ‘missed appointment’ notice will be sent for the first occurrence and marked on our records
  2. Any subsequent no-shows will be flagged as well.
  3. Missing or Cancelling appointments twice in a row or three times within a three-month period will result in suspension of services.
  4. You will be suspended from scheduling an appointment for six months. 

To comply with notification requirements please email Mason SBDC email or give us a call at 703-261-4105 to inform us of your cancellation.

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