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Linda Hagopian, HAGOPIAN MARKETING says

“Mason SBDC has been a phenomenal resource as I learn what I need to do to start and build my business. The counselors have been so helpful on a variety of topics including business planning and financial issues. Every staff member has listened to what I need as I work on building my business. They’ve been helpful in connecting me with the right people and steering me in the right direction.”

Steve Ferretti, FERRETTI DESIGNS, LLC says

“Out of curiosity I attended the 101 Session at the Mason Small Business Development Center. It was one of the best planning moves I could have made as a start up business. Until that time I thought a business plan was only for obtaining funding. The recommendations and assistance Mason SBDC provided in preparing my business plan helped me to analyze my competition, my strengths and my weaknesses to best position my company. The Plan is my compass as I move forward. Who knew! The Mason SBDC is available to me, when needed, with every critical aspect of running my small business. They’re providing me with the advice and the confidence I need to compete and succeed in a very competitive marketplace.”


“The SBDC has assisted me with several individuals whom are very informative and knowledgeable about small businesses. The individuals have a great amount of expertise, which has allowed me to make decisions based on ways to increase clientele and revenue. As a woman owned minority business operating for the past two years, I’ve spent a portion of my investment on incorporation and licensing to be properly recognized as a small business. I also took advice to invest in a financial planner and make long term investments in order to consider opening a fitness center within the next few years. As I further this, I will take advantage of the many classes that are available to assist with financial as well as business proposals. Additionally, for the past year SBDC professionals have assisted my business with marketing information related to a utility patent. This information has allowed me to move forward with a prototype and more recently a business development proposal to approach businesses in order to sell the license to the patent.”


“Mason SBDC’s ever-growing network of business and community leaders in the area helped introduce our company to key mentors and partners who have become prominent supporters in our endeavors. In addition, the staff are deeply involved in various sectors and was able to provide their expertise and experience in all the counseling sessions. These sessions were rigorous brainstorming opportunities that helped me to critically think about my market, and plan next steps. All members of the team convey such a pleasantly rare sincerity to help our company in all that they do.”

Brigitta Kral, BRIGABAUBLE says

“As I focus on building BrigaBauble and, specifically my company’s handcrafted line of bath and body products (Briggy’s Bath & Body), I’ve been receiving practical advice, useful information, and even inspiration from the counselors at Mason SBDC. During my initial individual counseling session, for example, my counselor explained to me why my initial idea of focusing on two separate product lines — my handcrafted bath & body goods and my jewelry — was impractical. He then worked with me to determine which of these two lines would be the best choice from a business perspective; it was truly a collaborative effort. When I decided to focus first on the BrigaBauble line Briggy’s Bath & Body, I did so with a clear rationale based on my market research, available capital and marketing opportunities. Had my first counselor not walked me through the necessary steps for clarifying my business goals and objectives, I might never have made it there. I eagerly signed up for another free consultation through Mason SBDC, having immediately recognized the value from the first. A week later, my second counselor, a CPA, walked me through the tax and licensing decisions I had made when registering BrigaBauble in the state of Virginia, including whom to contact for a few necessary corrections, and how to take care of a few steps I hadn’t even known were necessary. In addition, my second counselor reviewed the draft budget I developed at my previous counselor’s suggestion, and recommended cost-saving measures that will really help as I have very limited start-up capital. Within one week and through two hours of individualized counseling, I progressed further down the road toward making Brig’s Bath & Body a success than I had during the three months of research and planning I did on my own before discovering Mason SBDC. My experience thus far with Mason SBDC has been so positive that at the end of each counseling session, when I’m asked if I would like to sign up for another, I immediately say yes, please!”


“I am very thankful to the Mason SBDC team and in particular the expert consultants who have helped me in focusing on developing my company’s business. Mason SBDC has an excellent team of experts who are very knowledgeable in their fields and offer a wealth of experience. They also serve as an excellent sounding board. Thank you very much!”


“Running your own business requires a wide range of skills; you will need to be able to cope with competition and negotiate deals, and attain financial support. Mason SDBC has given us this support and much more. Their training classes, networking, and office space are critical to our business. In these difficult economic times having the Mason SDBC support has made it much easier to move towards our goals.”

Nicole & Christopher Capbert, CINDEROLLIES says

“I cannot thank the Mason Small Business Development Center enough for everything they have done to get Cinderollies off the ground. Mason SBDC has been instrumental in helping launch Cinderollies and getting our company to where we are today. There was never any limit to the willingness of the staff to help us with any resource request we might need. From providing us with a small business startup coach to get us started in the right direction to legal overview, business plan questions and equity structuring, Mason SBDC has been there for us every single time. We are forever grateful and indebted to the assistance they have provided for Cinderollies.”

Lisa Renee Johnson, PINK BICYCLE TEA ROOM says

“The Mason SBDC program has reinvigorated my passion for my business of five years and educated me on how to better grow my business. My advisor was honest and frank about what is working in my restaurant and what is not working. When he visited at the end of my 1st Quarter we sat down and went over everything from the financials to my marketing initiatives. He also recommended changes to be done to the exterior and interior of my building to make it more inviting. At the end of the consultation he left with new bench marks to work on for the 2nd Quarter. So far everything he has recommended has helped and I look forward to his return visit in a couple of months.”

Paul Williams, IDEA SANDBOX says

“Your enthusiasm for my work gives me extra confidence. Thanks! I’ll keep you in the loop as I transition back to the states. Thanks again!”

Sofanit Mesfin says

“It can be daunting to step out and try something risky for the first time, and that is how I felt as I left my house to go to my appointment with the SBDC Counselor. When I arrived at my appointment, I was received by a warm reception at the front desk which brought an extensive ease to my nerves. Allow me to say, the counselors at SBDC are the most rational and encouraging people I have known in my small business planning effort. I have read a number of instructive articles on the internet, but there is nothing like that one-on-one conversation to provide you the valuable information that you need most. The interaction and exposure you get from SBDC will teach you a lesson about yourself and will allow you to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the business world.”